Bravissima! Mission Statement

To enhance access to the Arts in our beautiful Appalachian Highlands region.


To sponsor, promote and increase awareness of the Arts through a combined funding effort that ensures a large and long-lasting effect on a diverse range of performances, programs and exhibits of outstanding cultural and educational interest to our region.

To encourage a strong, vibrant Arts community by helping provide art from around the world and to help display to the world the art endemic to our beautiful Appalachian Highlands region.

To serve and sponsor to the extent possible, the women of our community, their art, performances, hopes and dreams for a better future, and to help the disadvantaged enjoy the Arts when they otherwise could not.


Our purpose is two-fold:

We sponsor the Arts


We are kind and encouraging to each other.

This second part of our purpose, we are certain, will ensure our success.

Diversity Statement

We are committed to and celebrate diversity in Bravissima! The Arts are enriched through cultural diversity, and our decisions regarding funding for the Arts are enhanced by diversity and inclusion within our membership. Keeping in line with our Purpose, we embrace the highest level of respect for each other and for our various backgrounds and experiences.